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Sisters, Gigi & Nicole

were born in “upstate” New York on the Danbury, Connecticut border. Their childhood was surrounded by the smell of sweet creations made in their family restaurants. 

When the girls were children they spent half of their time in one of those restaurants called The Custard Castle, which belonged to their grandparents. The Custard Castle is where their great-grandmother, Ruth Davis, baked up a storm of desserts such as apple cake, blueberry pie, cookies, donuts as well as a plethora of puddings and custards. The girls loved helping out by cracking eggs, measuring and mixing ingredients. Of course, taste-testing was their favorite aspect of helping their Nana.

How it all started

Beginning in elementary school, the girls experimented with a wide array of delightful flour and sugar confections. They would package the treats in pretty tins and gift them to family and friends who loved being the beneficiaries of the girl's lovely creations. Gigi & Nicole would put their aprons on, blast their music and pull an all-nighter, all the while laughing, joking and bonding over sweets. The girls would fill the gift tins with everything under the sun including but not limited to: cookies, nut clusters & nut bark, fudge, cordials, nougat, marzipan, brownies, pretzels dipped in chocolate, Rice Krispie treats, bonbons, truffles, caramels, toffee and brittle. 

In high school, as well as college, Gigi & Nicole would bake cakes and cupcakes for all occasions and share them with friends and coworkers. Sweets have always been their forte as well as their passion.

It's all about the Cupcakes

2004 rolled around and the girls decided that “The World” needed mini cakes for all occasions so the duo teamed up to form Gigi’s Cupcakes. The sisters started whipping up different flavor combinations and thrived working together. Their goal was to make cupcake dreams come true for all.  A couple of moments confirmed they were on the right path, at a celebration the cupcakes were the first thing to be gobbled up and they were receiving phone calls days later asking who made the cupcakes and where can they buy them. Nicole's background in finance and Gigi’s attention to detail created the perfect synthesis. They took classes at The Institute for Culinary Education, read cookbooks and watched baking shows in order to strengthen their skills and broaden their horizons. 

The girls believe in using the finest ingredients, baking fresh every day, and serving up moist, luscious cake along with melt in your mouth frostings and glazes. Not only do Gigi’s Cupcakes appeal to sweet eaters but they also have converted many non-sweet lovers with their delectable tasty treats.  15 years later creating solid jobs, providing a well-needed service for their community while producing the most delicious, portion-controlled cake are a few reasons why Gigi’s Cupcakes continues to serve their audience and beyond.